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 I really enjoyed making these cards with the July ZZ Vintage Summer ribbon kit….and as you can see I used the Asian dingbats from the link posted below in the Asian themed card contest….they make terrific cards!!!!



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This afternoon came my first SNS ribbonkit, the Sassy July kit. It has written my name all over it! I so love this colors!
So when it came I had to start almost immediatly!
I really loved working with this Sassy kit.

On one of the Tuesday I’m watching after you, cause mommy has to work in the day in stead of the evening, we’re going to the playgarden. After first watching everything aroudn you, you got loose. Playing, running between the trees. So now and then you come to rest a bit. From a madam at our table you get a icecreme. With the boy you have the biggest fun. At the ned you don’t want to go home, but you’re so tired, you can’t stand on your legs anymore.

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This layout uses the FABULOUS ZZ Vintage Summer ribbon kit from SNS. Love the variety in this kit, from funky trim to wide elastic…the flower is also part of the kit!! These gorgeous Stemma papers can also be found in the SNS store here!

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