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September Savvy kit


here are few more creations done with September Savvy kit.




I am falling in love with huge ric rac!!! I was never a big fan of any kind of ric rac, but this gorgeous blue ric rac was so much fun to work with!!!!

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Blowing in the wind…..

Blowing in the wind

Used materials:

How to do this:

  • Print (or let print) a picture that is a bit big as the inner circle of the smallest circle.
  • Put the circle on the picture and trace the contours with a pencil. Cut the picture.
  • Paint both the circles with your dabber. You can also use patterned paper if you want too.
  • Put glue (I used Tacky glue) on the back of the biggest circle and place it on the transparent. Let it dry and then cut round the contours.
  • Glue the picture behind the smallest circle.
  • With a eyelet setter (I used the crop-a-dile) you make holes in the smallest circle, where you want the ribbons to be placed.
  • Cut some ribbons from a few centimeters. Put them through the holes and attach them with a small staple.
  • Cut the flower ribbon in pieces and glue the on each ribbon / hole.
  • Put the title on the circles with the thickers and rubons.
  • Glue a mini ricrac on the smallest circle.
  • Glue the small circle on top of the bigger circle. Only clue where the chipboard touch each other.
  • Put some ribbons through the clip and attach the clip to the biggest circle.

Blowing in the wind

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