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Ribbon and Staples! 


I think the best way to attach ribbon to layouts isn’t an adhesive at all.  It’s staples!  I use them on the majority of my layouts and usually the techniques that combine ribbon and staples are the ones that get the most questions- “how did you do that?” 


So, here’s “how I do that.”  J



Straightfoward Staples


I use staples frequently to attach ribbon across a layout.  It can make a great border and often takes the place of patterned paper while at the same time adding texture and dimension to the page.  With a lot of adhesives, I’ve found that, after time, the edges of the ribbon detach from the page and get folded up in my albums, but the staples really keep things in place better, even over time.


How To: Stretch a piece of ribbon across a page.  Fold over each end and staple to the back of the layout.  Or, for shorter pieces, just attach with a staple or two on each end.



Staples as Embellishments


With the right kind of layout, adding extra staples really adds to the design.  For example, in this funky layout, the staples are an edgy addition to the overall layout


How To: You can do these however you want, but I really like putting two together at slightly staggered heights or crossing them to have them form an X.





It uses a lot of ribbon, but it’s so worth it!  J  Pleats like this are more formal and finished looking.  No staples show, but they’re what make the pleats work.  Adds an incredible amount of dimension to any project.



How To:


  1. Start with a LONG piece of ribbon. 
  2. Staple down on one end
  3. Fold ribbon back over the first staple
  4. Staple down (second staple goes almost over the first) and then fold to cover the staple
  5. Continue steps 3-4 until you reach the end of the layout, then cut off any excess ribbon and adhere the end to the back of the layout.


Informal Pleats


How To:


This is the same method as the pleats above, but instead of keeping the ribbon in a straight line, I folded towards the top or bottom each time before stapling down.   Still looks clean and without visible staples, but has a more fun look.


Random Folds


This is the one that generally gets the most comments and it’s also probably the method I use the most.  And it’s just what it sounds like, random folds.  The key here: don’t think!  Just grab your stapler and a length of ribbon and start.


  1. Staple
  2. Fold and/or twist
  3. Staple
  4. Repeat (over and over again)


Don’t try to plan it out, the key is playing with it and letting the ribbon do its own thing.  Don’t try to make it perfect, just play!


You can do this for a whole length of ribbon, or just for a little bit of it to add some texture to a page. 


The Twist

How to:  Super simple.  Staple, twist, staple, twist. 


 You can do a really tight one (like the how to pics) or looser (like the example layout). 



Ribbon Scraps


Have lots of little ribbon scraps?  Try stapling them to the outside of a shape or photo for a frame or using just a little bit to add some extra color or dimension to a layout. 



The different ways to combine ribbon and staples are infinite!  What are some of your favorite techniques?

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