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A pocket card

Good morning.  Today I have a Pocket card tutorial to share with you.  It’s super easy and a fun way to make a card special.

Here is what you will need:

Patterned paper (double sided is perfect for this project)

Cardstock to match

Ribbon and embellishments

Scoring tool and ruler


1. Cut your patterned paper to 8 x 8 ½ inches

2. Score the piece (along the 8 ½ inch side – so the 8 ½ inch side is at the top of your desk) at 2 ¼ and 6 ¼ inches

3. Turn the paper 90 degrees and score at 2 ½ inches. Where the score lines cross there are 2 squares that need to be cut out so the bottom can fold up. Here is  what your card should look like:


4. On the top of your card you now need to cut out your triangles to make the pocket angled. Measure 2 ½ inches down the each side and draw a line from that mark to the score line. Cut out the triangle. Also, cut out the squares at the bottom too.  Here are a couple of my pictures and you can also refer to the sketch if you are unsure (it is at the bottom of the post).



5. To assemble your card fold your sides in first along the score lines and glue. Make sure to only glue the sides to each other and not to the bottom. You want to make a pocket for a card

6. Fold up the bottom and glue it down. Your pocket is now assembled.

7. To make the strip that embellishes your card cut a strip of cardstock 4 x 2 ½ inches.

8. Cut a patterned paper strip 2 x 4 inches. Adhere it to the top of your cardstock strip.


9. Attach the strip to the card making sure to cover the seam on your pocket.

10. To make the insert cut a piece of cardstock 5 ½ x 3 ¾ inches.  The picture is above

11. Cut patterned paper to embellish the inser.

12. Embellish with ribbon and flowers.



Here is a template to download.  Please note it’s not to scale, but only a guide for where to score and where to cut.


I hope you enjoyed this little project.


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