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Altered VHS Case Mini-Book or Storage Box

I picked up a bunch of these cases for 10 cents each thinking that there had to be something cool to do with them. I set them on a bookshelf and it made me think…what a cool way to store a mini book or photos/momentos of a special occasion! It keeps everything together in a durable, easy to store case.

Supplies Needed:
-VHS case with clear plastic cover
-Patterned papers of your choice (I also used a Hambly overlay)
-Embellishments of your choice
-Ribbon and/or fabric tape (7gypsies Gaffer tape works well)
-Small binder rings or bind-it-all and small coils if you wish to bind your book
-Alphabet stickers or stamps or a printed title

1. If you are re-using a VHS case, remove the paper “label” from under the plastic cover and use it as a template to cut your patterned papers. If your case does not have a label, measure the space and cut your patterned paper to size. If you have double-sided paper, that’s a bonus, because it will show on the inside as well!

2. Carefully slide your cut patterned paper inside the cover. If you are adding an overlay, measure to size, and slide that in as well. (see detail pic, for reference)

3. Use ribbon and a good glue or gaffer tape around the outside of the cover, to add some texture. (see detail pic for reference)

4. Add any other desired embellishments. Flat embellishments can go on the inside of the cover, “lumpy” ones on the outside. If you are applying embellishments to the outside, be sure to use a really good glue.  Here’s a detail pic.  You can see how I added the overlay inside the plastic cover, the gaffer tape on top, the flower on top, and the chipboard in the bottom right corner.

5. Add a title under or over the cover on the spine.

6. Leave as-is for a photo case or…

7. Cut several pieces of cardstock to approximately 4″ x 6.5″ (exact size will depend on the case you are using) I chose black cardstock to make the colors pop.  I also used some Hambly overlays on their own as pages. 

8. Punch holes in the cardstock pages for binding

9. Embellish pages with patterned paper, ribbon, photos, embellishments as desired.

10. Bind pages and store in case.  Since I’m doing a make-ahead book, I punched the pages with my bind it all, but I’m temporarily tying with ribbon, so that I can add some full-size 4×6 prints as additional pages when I get them from this year’s vacation.  Here are some of the inner pages:

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