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Looking for a great gift or stocking stuffer for girls?  This is a fun and quick project that you can complete in  a few minutes.  Clips work great for little girls, but these can also be attached to bobby pins or even to pin-backs for brooches.


  • Poly Satin fabric scraps (you can also use organza or other fabric, just make sure it’s a polyester fabric)
  • coordinating ribbon
  • hair clips
  • tweezers, pinch-type clothespin, or an extra hair clip (for holding fabric over flame)
  • candle and lighter
  • needle and embroidery floss or strong thread
  • small glass beads or pearls
  • scrap of felt
  • hot glue gun
  • water (to dunk fabric in, in case of fire)
  • Sizzix with circle die or small circles to trace and cut out from fabric

How To:

Cut fabric circles of various sizes using Sizzix. I used two or three circles of each size on mine.  I used a total of three colors.

Wrap hair clip with ribbon, gluing as you go. Use the following pictures for guidance.clip 1Clip 2PA291460

Holding fabric circle with tweezers, clothes pin, or extra clip, CAREFULLY and SLOWLY lower towards flame until the edges begin to singe and curl.  DO NOT ALLOW FABRIC TO TOUCH FLAME! Turn fabric circle until the entire edge is singed.  KEEP WATER CLOSE BY TO DOUSE ANY ACCIDENTAL FLAMES!


Layer fabric circles together until you like the way they look and place felt circle on the back.

Tie a knot in floss and pull a stitch up through the felt and all the fabric layers.


Flip flower over and add beads.


Stitch back through the flower and tie off floss.

flower 2

Use hot glue gun to attach flower to clip. The felt backing sticks better with the glue than the fabric does.

flower clip

flower clip 2

Let the glue cool and it’s ready to wear!

flower in hair

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