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This is a technique that is best with colors that are very different and you want to blend them.  Long areas are needed for this (ie flower petals). 

1. You need 2 lighter colors that are very different (from different color families).  To start to learn this technique start with colors ending in 0, 1, 2.  Your colors end up dark so start light.   (no darker than a number ending in 4)

2. Layer ink in one direction using a stroking technique.  Lift your marker at the end of your stroke.  Your first color should cover about ¾ of the area with the darkest part close to the end and lightening as you go.  You may want to practice this stroking technique first.  We talked about it in the Direct to paper blending technique in June.  Make sure to work in the same direction.  (this is a little different than the other techniques where working in circles is best)

3. Add your second color starting in the opposite direction from the other end of your work.  You may want to turn your paper.  Do not worry if it looks streaky right now. 

4. Add a second layer of your second color

5. Now go back and add a light layer of your first color and just keep working back and forth between your 2 colors until you like the results.  Let the paper dry a bit b/c it changes as it dries.

6. You should not really see any of the streaks and the colors should appear to run into each other. 

7. This is a very hard technique so just keep practicing.

8. Your inks need to stay wet while you are working, so they blend.

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