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Copic Tips for August…….

Ann’s Copic Tip for August….

Things that will hurt your markers!

-White out or opaque white pens even when they are dry. They will leave residue on your marker

-Acrylic paints. They clog marker tips


-Untested inks or pens. They can stain your markers. Staz On ink is bad, it’s a solvent in and will not work. Use Memento (the best IMO), Tsukineko Brilliance (if it’s heat set), Ranger distress inks (test it first, with darker colors), Memories Dye ink (heat set it too)

-Solvents or oils

-Un-fired Clay and plaster

The rule of thumb (right out of the Copic certification book): “If it is something that smears when it gets wet and is opaque, STAY AWAY or test it first. If you must color over it, Airbrush your marker on.

Things that will not hurt your marker just make the tip look yucky

-Pencil or Colored pencils


Usually if you want to use another medium on your image it’s best to do the marker work first and then use the other medium (ie colored pencils) second.

Lisa’s Copic Tip for August……..

The best way to color with copics…..

Colour in small circles, keeping all your edges wet.

To give depth to an image, choose 3 markers within the same color family (B00, B02, B05 for example). Use the lightest (B00) for highlights, and start with this colour first. Add the next darker colour for the midtones (B02), then use your darkest shade for the shadows (B05).

For best results, it’s ideal to use only high quality paper, there are a number on the market and recently, Donna started a thread about a new paper revealed at this summer’s CHA. Avoid colouring over whiteout as this may discolour your nibs.
Happy coloring! 🙂

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