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I’ve had a few questions regarding what brand the clothespins are that were used in the Altered Clothespin tutorial.  So, I went back to Michaels because I could not remember for the life of me the real name.  All I could recall was the line name lol  Course my Michaels is out of them…..grrr……but here is the info:  http://www.creativeimaginations.us/store/CI_BareElements_Bare_Elements_All_1_3x-ss3.php  I love that they come two in a pack & are really not priced too high! 

Thank you so much to those who enjoyed the class & wanted to know more!  I hope this has helped a bit!

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I am officially addicted to these oversized clothespins!  I think it started when I saw them at Michaels & took a set home.  I altered one for Halloween & that is when I decided that I must alter at least a few more!

What you will need is an unfinished oversized clothespin.  Scissors, paper cutter, a crafting knife (for ex. an exacto type works great),  acrylic craft paint, paint brush or sponge, (although I used Ranger Paint Dabber I found it helpful to use my sponge to get into a couple of the grooves on the pin),  patterned paper of your choice (I chose to do a Christmas theme), a sanding tool (plain old emery boards or even fine sandpaper work great),  ink, & decoupage medium such as Mod Podge. 


In order to paint & attach paper to the clip you will need to temporarily remove the metal clip attaching the two parts.  Just be careful you don’t pinch your fingers doing this (been there done that!).  Set aside the metal clip.

Using acrylic paint of your choice, paint the inside edges of the wooden part of the clip (there are now two parts).  You don’t need to paint the front/outer part unless you want to as it will be covered with patterned paper. 

First step

After the paint is dry on the wooden sections of the clip, it’s now time to cut some patterned paper. 


I simply traced around the clip onto the backside of the patterned paper.  Cut around the lines using your scissors or a paper cutter. 


Now, spreading on a very thin layer of decoupage “glue” onto the unpainted portion of the wooden clip sections. 


Glue patterned paper pieces onto the unfinished front/outer sides of the clothespin pieces smoothing the surface (to prevent bubbles).  Allow to dry.

If needed, you might choose to trim the edges of the clip pieces with the craft knife.  There are also a couple of notches on the surface of each wooden piece (where the metal clip fits) that you will need to cut patterned paper off of.

My edges tend to be “imperfect” so I use my sanding tool (or emery board or sandpaper…) to “finish” the edges of everything. 


With that done, I also use a liberal amount of ink on all my edges.  This too, hides any “imperfections” & works like craft makeup!  After chalking I applied a very thin coat of decoupage medium to the surfaces of patterned paper.


The trickiest part for me was hooking the metal part of the clothespin back onto the wooden pieces & putting it all back together.  One tip (and sure enough first time I tried this I hooked it back together wrong):  the clothes pin will need to be nice & tight.  No gaps in the notches.  It works like a spring, snapping back when the tension is released on the clothespin.

Now my favorite part, creative liberty!!  I love chipboard letters!  So, for this project I chose to cover my chipboard letters with more patterned paper (I used my little Xyron X machine to glue the paper to my letters as they were just not the colors I wanted on my project).  I then used my Xyron to glue the unpapered side to the clothespin.  I inked up the edges of my chipboard letters then placed them onto the pin. 

I love Savvy N’ Sassy ribbon & did before I got this fabulous gig of design team member!  Our kits are just wonderful & versatile!  Attach ribbon wherever you wish, this is YOUR project!  It’s all about having fun & being creative 🙂


The finished project could be used to store holiday cards (I may make a bunch of them to line up on my shelves) or a couple of photos. 

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