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I’m going to show you how to make these cute and super easy crepe paper ruffles! I loved the look of crepe ruffles, but was intimidated to try to make them myself. I finally got up the nerve and I can’t believe how easy they turned out to be!


  • crepe paper (the crepe paper streamer rolls you can get at the dollar store are great for this!)
  • sewing machine and matching (or contrasting) thread
  • ribbon and/or seam binding or thin ribbon (Velvet and grosgrain ribbon I used came from the Feb SNS Cupcake Delight Kit.

1. Gather your supplies and thread your sewing machine.  I used a contrasting color of thread so it would be easier to see for this tutorial, but you can use matching or contrasting depending on how you want your finished ruffles to look.

2. For mini ruffles, cut a good length of streamer and fold it in half, using your fingernail or a bone folder to crease in the middle.  (Skip this step if you want wider ruffles)

3. Start feeding your folded crepe paper through your sewing machine.  BE VERY CAREFUL!!  Slowly sew down the middle of the folded crepe paper, bunching up the crepe paper as it goes under the machine foot.  Don’t try to make the folds even.  The beauty of these ruffles comes from their imperfections.

4. Work to the end of your paper.

5. I love adding a piece of velvet ribbon or grosgrain over the middle of the mini-ruffles.  I just attach this with glue, since the ribbon is too heavy to easily sew through with all the layers of crepe.

6. If you want to add a contrasting color without gluing on ribbon, use thin ribbon or seam binding and stitch it to the crepe paper as you are creating the ruffles.  Here I used a crepe paper streamer at it’s full width and stitched pink seam binding to the middle for a wider two-tone ruffle.

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Savvy N Sassy Kit ~ A Dino Under The Bed!

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Savvy N Sassy Kit ~ Strawberry Shortcake

This month you have a chance to win a SnS ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ Kit FREE!!  All you need to do is comment on the blog between now and September 28th, and I will randomly draw a name to win the kit.  The more you comment, the better your chances of winning.. so get chatty!!

~ Shannon

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