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Here is another one of my very favorite techniques that we learned at the Copic Certification course. I’ve been DYING to show you this one!! πŸ™‚

Palette Blending
This is similar to tip-to-tip blending; however, it’s easier to see how much ink you’re picking up with this technique. You can use any plastic container for this one – and the nice thing is you can reuse your palette at a future date…just rewet your colors. πŸ™‚ Also, you can get creative and mix a few colors together this way to see what you come up with. Okay – so basically, you choose three colors. For my example, I used the colors Y21 as my base color and G24 and R27 as my accent colors. I used an acrylic block for my palette, but you can use whatever you wish. Lots of people like to use the top of a CD case as this gives them lots of room to work.

The first thing I do is add some of my accent colors to my palette block (kinda hard to see the green, but it’s there).

Then using my main color (in this case, my Y21) I pick up a little of the accent color and start coloring from the base of my object into the center. I do the same with my second accent color from the top and blend these into the center taking care each time to make sure my marker tip has been cleaned off. I use my main color to finish coloring in the center of the object. This just gives the item a much smoother look when you need the colors to transition into one another.

For example, here you can see how I still have some green on the tip of my yellow marker to add some darker shading to the green at the bottom of my image. Just a note….I used VERY little red when doing this image as the red picks up so very fast!! You have to be careful and might even want to brush some off on a scrap piece of paper before applying to your “good” image.

Here is my finsihed image, which is ready to be cut out and applied to my project (hence the reason I didn’t care if I went out of the lines a bit)!! πŸ™‚

And here is another image where I used the same colors on Tilda’s dress.

This technique is so much fun….I really hope you’ll give it a whirl.Β  Try using all sorts of different colors…the possibilities are endless!! πŸ™‚

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