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This is a lot easier to make than it looks! And you can adapt this to whatever supplies you have on hand! Have fun with it!

Gather Your Supplies:

Here I’m using an old bulletin Board – frame removed, fabric to size, furniture nails, 10 yards of ribbon, scissors, stapler, low loft batting, and pins (not shown)

First Things First:

Cut your Batting to Size:

Staple to Bulletin Board

Trim off Excess Batting:

Front Of Bulletin Board:

Back of Bulletin Board:

Now take your fabric and trim to size – leave a generous outline (you can cut off the excess later)

Now go ahead and Staple that material to your Bulletin Board!

Don’t forget to trimm off your excess when you are done.

Now here comes the fun part! Place your ribbon how you would like it! I chose to criss cross the ribbon, as well as use and over/under pattern. Here is where I discovered that straight pins do come in handy!

Once I had the ribbon pinned down the way I liked it – I stapled it securely to the back! Poor Stapler – getting quite a workout here!

Now once that was done, I took my furniture nails and placed them wherever the ribbon made “x”‘s

and then I pushed them in. All Done!!

There are so many variations you could try – Explore them! For example – You could use cardboard instead of a bulletin board, brads instead of furniture nails, and who says you have to use fabric? What about using some of that stash pretty patterened paper we all have? Go Have Fun with it!!

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Sometimes you just can’t find a rub-on that works for the project you have in mind, so why don’t you create it yourself?

Supplies Needed:

One transparency (Ink jet used here as I have an ink jet printer)

Your printer

The Image/words/etc you want to turn into a rub on

a popsicle stick, or a rub on applicator

Item you wish to apply the rub on to (cardstock/patterned paper)

Step One:

Print your image. You need to make sure

A) Your printer is set to print on a transparency

B) That you print on the SMOOTH side of the transparency.

C) Remember to click mirror image in your settings (either printer or program)

Step Two:

Let it dry about 10 mins or so before handling.

Step Three:

Apply your rub on to your project.

Voila! You are done!

This works awesome on Cardstock & Patterned Paper.

If you do not cut your transparency like I did, then you can re-use it.


I went ahead and fancied up my rub on.

Supplies Used:

Red Stickles

Glimmer Mist (Red & Pearl)

Maroon Chalk Ink


White Cardstock

Credits: Digital Image – Rhonna Farrer.

Finished Project:

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