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I love to reuse and repurpose! I discovered another use for the fabric in old jeans. I make “scruffy posies” from the denim! With the distressed look one of the “in” things right now, the posies are sure to find a home on one of your layouts – or even a card! 

Want to try it? Read on!

Denim scraps from old jeans

First, gather some old denim, the scruffier, the better!

Denim circles, large darning needle, ribbon scraps

 Using scissors or pinking shears, cut some circles in graduated sizes. Make 3-4  circles  for each posy you’re creating.  

1 layer of posy after being "scruffed"

Place circle on a surface that is specifically for arts and crafts- not your table top, as it will become scratched! I used a craft mat.  

Using your darning needle or other sharp pointed instrument, scruff all around the edges of each circle, pulling threads  as you go. The threads will stick out “every which way;”  that’s just what we want!

Layered denim flower

 When you have finished scruffing the edges, layer the circles one atop the other.

CRAFTY TIP : Dark denim is usually lighter on the inside. Flip the second circle over when you layer it atop the first one.. This gives subtle colour contrast on the surface of your flower.

Note white stitch in center, holding assembled flower together.

Thread a needle with embroidery floss (I use it because it’s strong) and put a stitch throught the center of your posie to hold the layers in place. At this point you could use the floss to emboider a “center” in your flower. I don’t do this, I just finished the floss off with a knot in the back.

There- you have a scruffy posie! Ready to embellish?

Ideas for embellishing your posie with  “leaves” and flower “centers”:

Pretty ribbon can be used as leaves for your posies

1. Make some pretty ribbon “leaves” for your posies.  SNS Ribbon is perfect for this!  This is a great opportunity to use up small scraps of precious ribbon  treasure!

Patterned paper scraps make realistic leaves

2. Add a pretty button center. Adhere with a Glue Dot.

Floral button posie with Sizzlit leaves

3.  Use your Sizzix or other cutting system and some scraps of patterned paper  to create leaves. (BasicGrey’s “Perhaps” Collection patterned paper was used for the top flower.)  The Sizzlit die used for these leaves is  labelled  “Flower, center and leaf.” Only the leaves were used.

Leaves hand-cut from paper scraps

4. Try your hand at cutting some leaves from scraps. The leaves above were created with some scraps of Dream Street paper. The slightly distressed copper-look button is perfect for this scruffy posie!


5. Match buttons and ribbon for a “put-together” look.  For another look, you could  sew the buttons in place with matching floss or  thread rather than adhering with a glue dot.

6. The Dollar store is a great source of “faux” flowers. You can use leaves from them to embellish your posies.  Just remember to distress them so that they are suitably “scruffy!”

Sizzlit Architectural Accent #3: A source for swirls

Sizzlit Architectural Accent #4: A source for swirls

 7. Want some vines or swirls around your flower?  Keep your eyes peeled, because they’re everywhere! I found some in my “Architectural Accent” (#3 and  #4) Sizzlit dies,  as you can see above. Using scissors, I simply  trimmed out the swirly portions I needed. Presto: Vines!

Swirls and Scruffy Posies

7.  Here is my finished layout, using 3 scruffy posies embellished with buttons and swirls, and accented by Distress Stickles in Walnut Stain.

 St. Andrews Anglican Church, Lawrencetown, NS (2007)

 Thanks for  being here, hope you enjoyed this “making Scruffy Posies” tutorial. Can’t wait to see what YOU’LL create!

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Ever wonder how to give a new look to your silk or fabric flowers?  Well I was wondering last week, and this is what I came up with.  My sample is w/ a Bo-Bunny Silk flower but it could be done w/ any silk flower or fabric flower.  I hope you enjoy doing these as much as I do.

Here is a close-up of the flower, and I promise, yours will look as pretty as this one and I also promise that it’s really simple.




  • silk flower (or die cut fabric flower)
  • cuttlebug embossing folder
  • ink 
  • scissors
  • strong adhesive (I used my X150 w/ permanent adhesive)
  • button
  • ribbon



1. I took my silk flower and passed it through my X150 (those itty bitty sticker machines that look like a letter X).  You could use any other adhesive, but you want something that can do a good cover and you do NOT want repositionable adhesive.  You want a good strong adhesive that is going to hold on good.  And keep that fabric or flower in place.
NOTE:  If you do not have silk flowers then you could either die cut a flower from fabric or you could free-hand cut a fabric flower.  Or you could so stars, or hearts, or whatever you heart desires at a specific moment that is the awesome thing about this technique.

2. You want to glue the flower to a piece of cardstock.  I like using non-texture cardstock, or the back of my texture-cardstock.


2. Burnish that flower down into the cardstock.  This is a key step, you want that flower not to peel from the cardstock (that is why I do NOT like repositionable tape and why I DO like non-texture cardstock).

I used my bone folder to burnish the flower from the center of the flower to the end of each petal.  Do NOT overlap petals, you want to be able to see clearly the separation between petals for easy cutting.

To be sure I even burnished mine from the back.  😉



img_14303. Cut out the flower, yes, you read correctly, you are going to cut out the flower.  Try to not allow any cardstock be seen from the front.  I like doing this task w/ a small pair of scissors.







4.  The fun part…. put your cut-out flower inside your Cuttlebug embossing folder.  I like how the Swiss Dot looks like when all is set and done, but you could  use any of them, there are so many!

I played around where exactly to place mine, ’cause I wanted to have little dots in almost all my end of each petal, but that is up to your discretion. 






5. Check it out!  Isn’t it cool?!?!?!  I just love how different they look!  Now you can add some distress inks, ribbon,  a button or a brad or another layer of a different size/color flower w/ a different embossing folder (the combinations are endless) and voilá you have ONE AWESOME embellishment from that not so cool (in comparison) flower.  😉

I also used my fingers to add some dimension to the flower by bending the petal (check out the close-up image).  Since the base of your flower is cardstock now the new shape you give to those petals WILL stay… woohooo!!!!!



Have fun!


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