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Flower Pot of Pens:

I thought I would share this easy and quick idea that can be given as a gift or simply made to cheer up your desk!

Things you will need:


Some artificial flowers (or other items to top your pens with)

Some pens~ the BIC Sticks are my fav but any pen that is plain and no shirt clip etc.

A flower pot~or ANY container that is half the height or greater than your pens.

2 sheets of co-ordinating or contrasting paper (or cardstock!~pretty easy going here!)

Mod Podge  (I REALLY prefer the “matte” finish but use what you have!)

Dried Beans (from the bulk section in your grocery store. I like Pinto Beans but again, we arn’t picky)

Florist’s tape (its green stretchy tape meant for flower arranging that you can get at Michael’s in the flower area)

Embellishments as desired


Hot glue gun

Basic Scrappin’ kit

Variations: Christmas Theme using Pointsettias and mini xmas light decorations

Seasonal artificial fruits or veggies and co-ordinating paper

Acorns or Artifical vegetation and sticks, bark

Mini balls of yarn and some spare knitting needles and co-ordinating paper

YOU think of one!! 🙂

Here We Go!

Once you have selected your pot, you will need to decide what width of paper strips will be easiest to work with. For my approx. 4″ wide and high pot, I used 2″ strips of the grey paper that covers the “body” of my pot. I like to overlap my strips a little bit and so I used 6-2″ pieces.

1. Apply an even and fairly thin (but not sparing) layer of Mod Podge to your pot using a foam brush or tool of your choice. (I use my finger…)

2. Now begin applying your strips vertically by placing on the pot and then using your (finger) brush to smooth and set the piece down to the pot. Sometimes depending on the thickness of your paper you will need to take a second to just rub and smooth until it sets properly. Repeat until you have the whole pot covered with your vertical strips. Let dry.

***HINT: I like to cut my strips about an inch longer than they need to be at the start, then give them a rough trim while wet. Once dry I use a sanding block to finish the bottom edge evenly.

3. Using your contrasting or co-ordinating paper, cut a strip to fit around the lip of your pot. ** If you are using a container that doesn’t have a lip, just decide how wide a bar you would like to see at the top) You will want to ensure that you either cut it exactly the right width or leave a bit of room to go over the top (as I have done-see pic). If you are new to Mod Podge I find the best tool is just some patience and a finger covered with the glue. It softens the paper and eventually starts to set and you can mould the paper to almost any shape/sized surface.

4.While waiting for your pot to finish drying, you can start your pens! begin by using the hot glue gun to glue your flower or other object to the very top of the pen.

5. Using the florist’s tape, begin at the top and with firm pressure, wrap the pen giving each turn an overlap. Go all the way down to the tip and then go back up again. You need to pull on the tape a little bit to stretch it out or it will start to sag when the pens start getting used. You can snip the tape with scissors and then just rub the end to “stick” it down.

6. If your pot is dry, it’s time to dress it up! For this pot, I decided to use some “hodge-podge” hardware from Stampin’ Up! which I bent to match the curve of the pot. I printed out the word “Spring” and then stamped over it to make a nice background. A flower hot-glued through the one side and some fantastic ribbon from the April Ribbon Kit to finish it off.

Now it’s time to make the flowers look like they are really growing out of their pretty pot!

***HINT: If you are using a “real” flower pot, you will need to plug the hole in the bottom using some glue and a piece of paper, a gob of hot glue etc.

7. Fill the pot approx 2/3rd full of dried beans. I prefer to use beans that are a dark brown ie: Pinto Beans because they look a bit more like soil. Other options would be some dried legumes, rice or even small stones/pebbles. (Hey! I just thought of another variation: You could use sand and decorate the pens with sea shells! This project is SO versatile)

8. Now “plant” your pens and enjoy using your wonderful creation or giving it to a great friend.

***HINT: If you would like to give this as a gift, may I suggest pouring the beans into a small ziplock bag and then putting them in the pot. Then “placing” the flowers around the outside of the bag but in the pot for wrapping/transport etc. This way you wont end up with beans where they don’t belong.

Have fun and get creative! I would love to see what you come up with!!


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I used up every little scrap of my Upsy Daisy papers to make this centerpiece/decoration.  I love that the bright colors match my daughter’s room, too. 

I picked up these wooden hearts after Valentine’s Day for 90% off.  They were weird animal prints with hot pink and just seemed to be asking for a makeover.  Both sides are decorated, so it can be set in the center of a table with color on all sides.  Ribbons used are from the May Rainbow Bliss kit, as well as lime grosgrain from the store.

Other Supplies: flowerpot-IKEA, buttons-Walmart, hearts-Hobby Lobby

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